Current Adult Ministry Opportunities


"The struggle is real"

Facilitated By : Brandon Woods  

Location : Room 203 (Main Level- across from nursery)

Class Length: 7 weeks (Nov. 4- Dec. 16)

Life is never as easy as we want it to be. It’s a struggle. But should it be? We often believe that when we follow Jesus, life should get easier. And when it doesn’t, we tell ourselves we’re failing or stuck or abandoned by God. But it’s simply not true.

Through a video series by Nicole Unice, we will explore why life’s a struggle and what to do about it. 

daryn gayle.jpg

"Hot potatoes, Biblical answers"

Facilitated By : Daryn and Gayle Cobb  

Location : Room 105 (Lower Level)

Class Length: 7 weeks (Nov 4- Dec 16)

•Anger. Can we be angry and not sin? What is righteous anger? What does our anger tell us?

•Judgement. Are Christians judgmental and hypocritical? Does the Bible tell us not to judge? Who are we supposed to judge?

•Fasting. What does fasting mean? What do we fast from? Does a fast mean we have to give up meals? What are the benefits of fasting?

These questions and so many more will be discussed and explored as we look into the Bible to see what the Word has to say. A single question will be discussed each week. We will work as a group to look at scripture that speaks to each topic and see if we can leave the class more confident about a Biblical stance on the topic. We won’t all agree, and that’s okay! Come with an open mind to learn with others.



Taught By : Dave Coleman, Lead Pastor 

Location : Room 108 (Lower Level)

Class Length: 7 weeks

Join a Series entitled “Witness”

We will be discussing:

•The kind of person God uses to reach others

•How to engage others for Christ, without being an embarrassment to Him

•How to share the Gospel 

•Following up and following through with a person who has accepted Christ

•Discipleship 101


"Delving Deeper"

Taught By : Jeremy Killinger  

Location : Conference Room (across from Church Office)

Class Length: Ongoing

This class is open to anyone desiring a deeper understanding of God’s Word. We use Biblically-based studies, as available through Right Now Media, to supplement our life experiences to better understand God’s Word and its’ application in our daily life. We spend time in prayer and fellowship, scripture reading, share a video study, and then discuss the content. On September 9th, we will begin a study of the book of Judges.


"Tom's Class"

Facilitated By : Tom Davis 

Location : Room 204 (Main Level) 

Class Length: Ongoing

Tom’s Class is a community of friendly people studying God’s Word and relating it to current events and our daily lives. This class is devoted to Bible study in the tradition of long-time teacher, Mr. Tom Davis. This is a class with many members of the senior adult group, but all ages are welcome.