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One of my earliest memories on staff at the Williamston Free Methodist church was being challenged by Eric Casteel, a brother in Christ, co-founder of Leap International, and friend, to pray about where the youth at WFMC would serve on mission internationally. His challenge to pray came simultaneously with an offer to take a team of youth and parents to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. So I prayed.

God’s Love Runs Towards Difficulties

Throughout my faith walk, surrendering has come in seasons. Early in my faith, a deep conviction to surrender and to help tend to those who are broken hearted welled up inside of me. As I opened up God’s Word more, I saw a pattern in the life of Jesus that I didn’t really connect to my own conviction at first. The pattern was that “love runs towards difficult situations.” Jesus, Holy and set apart, left His place in heaven to run towards the brokenness of humanity. Jesus ran towards the difficult truth that mankind has fallen to sin. We are in a need of forgiveness and we are not capable of doing the cleansing work that Jesus’ blood on the cross did for sin. Jesus didn’t run from the problem, His love ran towards the problem. My prayer time with God pointed me towards Honduras.

No Place Is Perfect and All Places Need God’s Love

No place is perfect. Even Williamston, with many great qualities, is not perfect. However, just because a place is filled with many difficulties, doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful. San Pedro Sula is a beautiful place filled with many difficulties. If you pay attention at all to the news or have ever googled San Pedro Sula you partially understand what I’m talking about. God has used people as instruments of His love to run towards the difficulties of San Pedro Sula and all of Honduras. We (teams from WFMC) have had the honor and privilege to be instruments of God’s Love in Honduras over the years.

Going Again

Click this pic to check out more about Sparrow Missions.

Click this pic to check out more about Sparrow Missions.

Four teams from WFMC have taken the short flight south in the middle of the hot summer to be the hands, feet, and mouthpiece of God. This summer will be my fifth time going and my sixth time partnering with Sparrow Missions. Sparrow is the organization we partner with and is based in the heart of San Pedro Sula. This will be Sean Cobb’s (on the right in flag photo) third time going to Honduras. Last year Sean and I were able to be part of a first-time basketball camp at an international school in the city. It went so well that we were invited back to help run it again.

Click this pic to watch last summer’s youth mission trip highlight video

Click this pic to watch last summer’s youth mission trip highlight video

Students Leading The Charge

For me, being one of the team leaders on the trip, I get to run the point (a little hoops pun) and empower students to step out in faith and share, serve, and love in a way that points people to Jesus. Each trip and each team has very special moments of students stepping out in faith. God equips them, God asks them to move, and they respond. The way they respond and the memories they come home with to share glorify Christ.  Sean Cobb has been one of the students. He is a very gifted young man in Christ. He is not only big in stature, but is blessed with big basketball talent and an even bigger heart. Sean will pull basketball out of his ministry tool bag this summer, but I believe God will use his ginormous heart even more when Sean lovingly serves the kids in Honduras.

How You Can Support Us

We always need prayer support. Pray specifically for team dynamics, as Sean and I will be meshing with new ministry teams in new ways. Most importantly, pray that those who know Christ will be able to share Jesus’ love with those who don’t know Him. Also, there are still some financial obligations that we are looking for support with. Any extra financial support raised this year will go to Sparrow Missions as fundraising for next year’s trip with a full team. (Please note this trip is not part of WFMC’s regular church mission’s program and is part of the youth missions program.) If you wish to help financially, please mail checks to the church at the address below with the memo “Youth Honduras Missions.”

Williamston Free Methodist Church

4400 N Williamston Rd

Williamston, MI 48895


Allen Berger and the Youth Team

  • We will start recruiting a team in the fall for our summer 2020 Honduras Mission Trip

YUP (Youth.Rise.Up)



Wednesday, July 3rd - YUP Mid Week 7-9pm GAME = Open Game Night

Sunday, July 7th - Get Rooted 9:45-10:45am (Doors open@9am)

Wednesday, July 10th - YUP Mid Week 7-9pm GAME = Capture the Flag (Water Fight Version)

Sunday, July 14th - Get Rooted 9:45-10:45am (Doors open @9am)

Monday, July 15th - MI Adventure (Contact the church for more details 517 655-3668)

Wednesday, July 17th - YUP Mid Week 7-9pm GAME = Wiffle Ball Slip n Slide

Sunday, July 21st - Get Rooted 9:45-10:45am (Doors open @9am)

Wednesday, July 24th - YUP Mid Week 7-9pm GAME = Water Wars

Sunday, July 28th - Get Rooted 9:45-10:45am (Doors open@9am)

Wednesday, July 31st - YUP Mid Week 7-9pm GAME = Water Angry Birds


  • Monday, July 15th = MI Adventure Trip

  • Thursday, August 8th - Sunday, August 11 = Sr High Canoe Trip


Who doesn’t like a day at a major theme park? We load up the bus early so that we can get the most out of our day riding rollercoasters and hitting the water park. Michigan Adventure is always a great time and helps us all to stay adventurous,… maybe even to get someone out of their comfort zone to build their faith.

Random stop on the river for some fun.

Random stop on the river for some fun.

In the past our Sr. High Canoe Trip has been fully epic and we are gearing up for another one this summer. This adventure will be filled with some new activities and locations that we believe, will give a fresh buttery flavor to these chicken nuggets.

Growing in our faith is part of any adventure. As leaders we cherish the time hanging out, building student’s faith, and building student’s faith while hanging out. Getting away from phones/devices and going north has built strong relationships on the Canoe Trip. It is one of our favorite trips of the year. We look forward to what God does on this summer’s trip.

Collin Hicks baptized on Lake Michigan

Collin Hicks baptized on Lake Michigan

GET Rooted - Sunday Mornings

Being a Christian isn't a one time decision, it's a lifelong experience growing with God. Get Rooted has been created for believers across the world to grow stronger in their faith, while allowing the freedom to let the Holy Spirit develop a specific game plan in your life. Get Rooted is not just a resource or a tool; it's a movement of believers growing together and committed to being potent and on fire for Christ.  "The ROOTS" aren't intended to be completed then put on the shelf, but rather to be a foundation to grow in over a lifetime helping us grow deeper in Christ.  After you learn "The ROOTS" there will be more material so you can keep growing daily in "The ROOTS". Begin the journey today!  GET ROOTED!

Get Rooted meets every Sunday for both the Jr.(Grades 6-8) and Sr. High (Grades 9-12) students.  We will begin meeting in the Youth Room at 9:45am and break off into smaller groups for discussion.  

Mid-Week - YUP [Youth.Rise.Up]


Jr High & Sr. High (Grades 6-12) Our midweek ministry that includes hanging out with friends, food, funny videos, games, skits, talking about every day issues and finding God in it all. We meet on Wednesdays at 7:00pm in the Youth Room (Lower Level) and outside by the fire pit in the spring and summer.



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