YUP (Youth.Rise.Up)



Wednesday, May 1st - YUP Mid Week 7-8:30pm GAME = Noodle Scrabble Scramble

Sunday, May 5th - Get Rooted 9:45-10:45am (Doors open@9am)

Wednesday, May 8th - YUP Mid Week 7-8:30pm GAME = Wiffle Ball

Sunday, May 12th - Get Rooted 9:45-10:45am (Doors open@9am)

Wednesday, May 15th - YUP Mid Week 7-8:30pm GAME = 9 Square in the Air

Sunday, May 19th - Get Rooted 9:45-10:45am (Doors open @9am)

Wednesday, May 22nd - YUP Mid Week 7-8:30pm GAME = Sardines

Sunday, May 26th - No Get Rooted (Memorial Day Weekend)

Wednesday, May 29th - YUP Mid Week 7-8:30pm GAME = Human Battleship


  • Sunday, June 2nd = Parent Meeting in the youth room right after church

  • Wednesday, June 12th = Moving Up Wednesday

  • Monday, July 15th = MI Adventure Trip

  • Thursday, August 8th - Sunday, August 11 = Sr High Canoe Trip

  • Online sign up & payment links coming soon

One of the largest steps a young person will take happens when they leave 5th grade and enter into middle school as a 6th grader. Our goal for Moving Up Wednesday is to make that step easier for every student. We welcome them and help bridge the gap between them and the students that have already taken that big step. We make the night extra fun and it marks the night we extend youth from 7:00-9:00pm.

S’mores and hot dogs!!!

S’mores and hot dogs!!!


Who doesn’t like a day at a major theme park? We load up the bus early so that we can get the most out of our day riding rollercoasters and hitting the water park. Michigan Adventure is always a great time and helps us all to stay adventurous,… maybe even to get someone out of their comfort zone to build their faith.

Random stop on the river for some fun.

Random stop on the river for some fun.

In the past our Sr. High Canoe Trip has been fully epic and we are gearing up for another one this summer. This adventure will be filled with some new activities and locations that we believe, will give a fresh buttery flavor to these chicken nuggets.

Growing in our faith is part of any adventure. As leaders we cherish the time hanging out, building student’s faith, and building student’s faith while hanging out. Getting away from phones/devices and going north has built strong relationships on the Canoe Trip. It is one of our favorite trips of the year. We look forward to what God does on this summer’s trip.

Collin Hicks baptized on Lake Michigan

Collin Hicks baptized on Lake Michigan

GET Rooted - Sunday Mornings

Being a Christian isn't a one time decision, it's a lifelong experience growing with God. Get Rooted has been created for believers across the world to grow stronger in their faith, while allowing the freedom to let the Holy Spirit develop a specific game plan in your life. Get Rooted is not just a resource or a tool; it's a movement of believers growing together and committed to being potent and on fire for Christ.  "The ROOTS" aren't intended to be completed then put on the shelf, but rather to be a foundation to grow in over a lifetime helping us grow deeper in Christ.  After you learn "The ROOTS" there will be more material so you can keep growing daily in "The ROOTS". Begin the journey today!  GET ROOTED!

Get Rooted meets every Sunday for both the Jr.(Grades 6-8) and Sr. High (Grades 9-12) students.  We will begin meeting in the Youth Room at 9:45am and break off into smaller groups for discussion.  

Mid-Week - YUP [Youth.Rise.Up]


Jr High & Sr. High (Grades 6-12) Our midweek ministry that includes hanging out with friends, food, funny videos, games, skits, talking about every day issues and finding God in it all. We meet on Wednesdays at 7:00pm in the Youth Room (Lower Level) and outside by the fire pit in the spring and summer.



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**Parents please note in order to participate in youth events off campus you must fill out waiver forms for your child located in Parent Info section tab below! Thank you.

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